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12" Skillet with Handle Holder


Use this fantastic 12” COMMERCIAL CHEF seasoned cast iron skillet in your indoor kitchen or outdoor grill to create delicious, mouthwatering recipes. Make an endless assortment of delectable family dishes with our best cast iron skillet. This fry pan comes pre-seasoned to ensure low maintenance. Simply handwash with gentle detergent, dry with a towel and rub cast iron pan with vegetable oil. Use it over high heat to brown foods perfectly. Sear roasting is a great choice since this cast iron skillet can be transferred directly to a hot oven with no worries. A sturdy handle guarantees burn-free cooking when taking your new cast iron pan from the kitchen to the dinner table. A dual pour spout feature allows for quick disposal of fats and oils. Hang on your wall or ceiling with a handle holder. Create restaurant-quality meats or potato pancakes with golden brown, crispy exteriors. This COMMERCIAL CHEF 12-inch skillet cast iron is also ideal for making corn bread, frittatas and even flat bread in the oven.