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10" Saute Skillet-Cast Iron


This COMMERCIAL CHEF round cast iron skillet 10.” is a perfect addition to your kitchen. Its easy cooking surface means you can cook meals seamlessly and this cast iron round skillet comes pre-seasoned to ensure optimal performance. Even heat distribution on this pre seasoned cast iron skillet guarantees heat retention for your delectable dishes the whole family will savor. Use outdoors on your grill or open fire as well as inside on your stovetop or oven. This cast iron cookware (14.3” x 10.4” x 1.9”) has dual pour spout ends, allowing for easy disposal of fats and oils as well as marinating. Simply handwash with gentle detergent and dry thoroughly with a towel. Hang easily on your kitchen wall or ceiling with convenient handle holes. This COMMERCIAL CHEF round cast iron skillet (4.16 lbs.) is bound to be a staple for your weeknight—and weekend recipes!