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Commercial CHEF 12" Carbon Steel Skillet, Non Stick Frying Pan with Ceramic Coating, Safe for Any Cooktop, Oven or Grill, Lighter and Cools Faster than Cast Iron


Commercial Chef 12" Carbon Steel Skillet is a perfect addition to any kitchen. This deep fry pan is perfect for making bacon and eggs in the morning, searing delicious steaks, filets and other meats and can even be used as a wok for stir fry. Our frying pans nonstick is made with 15 gauge/1.8mm carbon steel with a ceramic high performance nonstick coating. PFOA & PTFE-free with no heavy metal or toxic presence and less CO2 emission. Carbon steel cookware is lighter than cast iron while also maintaining high heat and fast heating qualities that also cools quicker than cast iron cookware. Carbon steel skillet also offers superior abrasion resistance compared to most aluminum and standard cookware. Carbon steel non stick frying pans are versatile and can be used on any stovetop including induction tops. This 12" skillet is also oven safe and can be used over grills and campfires for outdoor cooking. Double riveted steel handle has an opening at the end to allow convenient hanging storage. Skillet measures 19.7'' X 11.81'' X 2.36'' and weighs 2.97 lbs. ISTA6A graphic packaging.