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Cast Iron Biscuit Pan


Make homemade biscuits like a pro with this COMMERCIAL CHEF cast iron biscuit pan! Say goodbye to flimsy and unreliable muffin tins that break after a few uses. This reliable cast iron muffin and tin pan lasts years and years—so you can keep making your delicious recipes. Each of the seven 3.5” x 1” pan indentations thoroughly cook mouthwatering blueberry and chocolate chip scones. Made of the finest cast iron cookware with heavy-duty cast iron that will last through hundreds of cooking marathons, you won’t regret making this cast iron pan a staple of your home kitchen. This cast iron biscuit pan is pre-seasoned for an easy-release cooking surface. Simply handwash with gentle detergent. Use this fantastic cast iron baking pan over a cozy campfire or in your kitchen oven. Product Specifications: Pan Diameter with Handle: 12.75”. Handle Size: 1.5”. Cup Mold Diameter: 3.5”. Cup Mold Depth: 1”. Expensive bakery runs are no longer needed thanks to this COMMERCIAL CHEF cast iron biscuit pan.