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Cast Iron Mini Pancake Maker


Create and serve the best mini pancakes with this superior COMMERCIAL CHEF cast iron silver dollar griddle. If you dream of having a tower of soft, fluffy mini pancakes for breakfast every morning, you definitely need this pancake griddle in your kitchen. Our Commercial Chef Cast Iron Pancake Pan is built to last and made with highly durable cast iron—which will satisfy thousands of early morning cravings! The cast iron pan disseminates heat slowly, making sure that each of your seven silver dollar pancakes (2.5”) is nicely golden brown. You can use this cast iron pancake griddle indoors to cook on stovetop, the broiler and even the oven. You can also use this mini pancake pan outdoors, as it works well as a griller, frying pan, or searer. pancake pan is coated with a pre-seasoned finish that helps prevent rusting. No need for special cleanup tools, all you have to do is just handwash with gentle detergent and dry thoroughly with a towel. Also included is a convenient handle hole to hang stylishly in your kitchen. Product Specifications: Full Pan Length: 14.5” Handle Length: 5.5” Pan Diameter: 9” Pan Depth: 0.5” Ring Size: 2.5” Ring Depth: 0.25” Beat breakfast joints at their own game and make the best mini silver dollar pancakes possible.