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Cast Iron Baking Pan

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his COMMERCIAL CHEF aebleskiver cast iron pan (8.2 x 4.53 x 2.2) brings the deliciousness of homemade baked goods like biscuits, doughnut holes, desserts, cake pops, takoyaki & even Dutch poffertjes. The cast iron seasoning of this doughnut pan (3.9 lbs.) is preseasoned and well-oiled to ensure slow, even heating and a resistance to rust. Our cake pop maker machine is made of sturdy, excellent cast iron construction that is safe to use on gas, electric, & induction stoves as well as grills and even campfires. Who doesn't love a homemade batch of fresh biscuits while camping Complete with cast iron side handles for easy mobility, doughnut making is suddenly a breeze! Our danish aebleskiver pan can be used any time of the year for yourself, dinner party guests, as well as friends and family. Concoct mouthwatering doughnut holes with one of the best dessert pans. With this COMMERCIAL CHEF aebleskiver pan cast iron, you can bring the magic and wonder of cultural recipes to your kitchen. Delight your taste buds with quality cooking thanks to our top tier cast iron mini donut pan.