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0.63 Qt Cast Iron Mini


Our COMMERCIAL CHEF 0.63 mini cast iron pot with lid is a wonderful addition to your kitchen. This cast iron mini dutch oven (8.2" x 4.53" x 2.2") is pre-seasoned and well-oiled to ensure even heat distribution and easy release cooking that prevents rusting. This mini pie dish (3.9 lbs.) ensures you can create mouthwatering soups, appetizers, desserts, casseroles, and other fantastic recipes, served in a petite, adorable bowl. Complete with cast iron side handles and a stainless steel knob and lid, you can use your new mini iron on gas, electric, and induction ovens as well as grills and even over a roaring campfire! Make these mini bowls the next great addition to your at-home quality ramekin cookware. When it comes to mini pot pie dishes, the sturdy cast iron construction will make cooking a breeze. This cast iron casserole dish with lid is ideal for dinner parties, as guests will admire the fine construction and individual serving size of each. The cast iron lid ensures thorough and even cooking for all your kitchen needs. This COMMERCIAL CHEF cast iron casserole dish is your next cookware necessity.