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Commercial Cool CCWFB6 Brita Water Filter Replacements, White, 6 Pack

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Why Commercial Cool Replacement Water Filter? Tested and certified by WQA against NSF/ASNI Standard. Simple to install and use. 6 pack bundle lasts you a year. Utilizes an all natural gravity system. Fine mesh technology prevents that alarming black fleck. Benefits of our water filters: Greatly improve the taste of your water so your family will stay hydrated. Reduce use of plastic water bottles. Save money purchasing water. Reduce copper, mercury, zinc, cadmium. Reduce chlorine odor and taste. Solve hard water problems. Instructions for use: 1) Soak your Commercial Cool filter in water for 15 minutes. 2) Rinse for 30 seconds. 3) Insert filter in pitcher's reservoir. 4) Press down firmly to secure to the filter. 5) Add cold tap water to the filters’ reservoir. 6) Replace your filter every 2 months or 40 gallons. Start enjoying the peace of mind of clean, healthy water with Commercial cool filters!