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Commercial Chef Food Dehydrator, Dehydrator for Food and Jerky, Freeze Dryer, CCD100W6, 280 Watts, White


Turn your favorite fruits, vegetables, and meats into deliciously healthy snacks with this outstanding COMMERCIAL CHEF food dehydrator machine for home. With a temperature range from 104° - 158° F, you can easily determine the best setting on this food dehydrator for beef jerky, dried mushrooms, and even herbs. Featuring 5 layers of trays, you can ensure uniform drying and optimal productivity with our superior meat dehydrator. Each tray is dishwasher safe and the compact dimensions of our 280W jerky dehydrator (9.92” x 9.43” x 7.01”) allow you to store easily in your kitchen. A drying guide is also included for those new to the exciting world of dehydrators.