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COBY USB Charger Wall Outlet 4.5" x 2.75", Black, Pack of 2

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This USB outlet is equipped with a smart chip, which reads the power needs of devices connected to the USB ports to deliver optimal power. Intelligent chip charges at the optimal power allowed by the device, so your devices are protected from overcharging and overheating. Each USB port can reach up to a maximum 6.0A output in total is shared between two USB ports. Tamper-resistant receptacles feature an internal shutter mechanism that prevents unwanted objects from being inserted into the receptacle and comply with residential building codes, adding a layer of safety for kids. From the bedroom to the commercial building, from the cafeteria to the library, this USB Charger Outlet is perfect for any application. Good for Kitchens, Hotels, Meeting Rooms, Bedrooms, Office Cubicles, Home Offices, College Dormitories, Airport Lounges, Cafes, Coffee Houses, Salons and Spas, Restaurants and other public areas.