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BLACK+DECKER 50 Pint Portable Dehumidifier with Built-in Pump and Drain Hose, Dehumidifier with Wifi, Smart Dehumidifier with Pump with Water Level Indicator and Adjustable Humidistat

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This BLACK+DECKER adjustable dehumidifier is considered one of the top dehumidifiers for room, dehumidifiers for basements, and moisture absorbers with a 50 pint capacity every 24 hours. Control your new dehumidifier for bathroom with Wi-Fi on your smartphone with the BLACK+DECKER app. Portable and powerful with bottom casters and recessed side handles, our dehumidifier 50 pint has unit dimensions of 15.75” x 11.61” x 24.80” and weighs 41.8 lbs. so you can easily transport from room to room. Also included is a 16.4-foot continuous dehumidifier pump drain hose that allows the water to be directly emptied as it’s collected. You can also attach a garden hose. (not included) that will empty the 14.3-pint bucket when full. Considered one of the most practical and efficient smart home gadgets, this dehumidifier with app has a Low and High fan speed, LED digital display, and adjustable humidistat. Rid your house or office of indoor humidity and enjoy a cool and comfortable air climate with this BLACK+DECKER portable wifi dehumidifier with drain hose.