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COBY Glass Digital Scale with Blue LCD Display

"For a modern scale, COBY Glass Digital Scale with Blue LCD Display is second-to-none. This scale is unparalleled when it comes to consistency and accuracy.

Maintaining good health is always a good pursuit. A reliable scale that lets you know exactly how much you weigh will prove to be an invaluable tool as you strive to get healthier. Lifetime Warranty
396 lb Capacity
Reliable Weight Readings
Modern scale with high-precision strain gauge sensors
Consistent measurements help keep diets or health efforts on track
Measures weight in 0.2lb. increments
Auto on/off
Low battery and overload indicator
Requires 2 AAA batteries (included)
Glass thickness: 6mm
Weight capacity: 396lb.
LCD size: 3”x1.25”
Condition: new
Product dimensions: 11.81”x11.81”"