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This Bluetooth tailgate speaker is perfect for football season

Posted on October 10 2017

Product review  by

 The Daily Dot

Your smartphone is full of amazing music, so how can you deliver that to a crowd of people and bring an element of fun along with the songs? The Coby Bluetooth Tailgate Speaker provides three times the party fun by adding visuals and interactivity to the music.

The 8-inch subwoofer unit is compact and portable, about the size of a carry-on suitcase. Like a suitcase, it has a collapsible handle and wheels, so it is extremely mobile. But I don’t recommend trying to check it at an airline counter.

BT Speaker - Photo by Larry Frum
BT speaker
Photo by Larry Frum

The tailgate speaker also comes in 10-, 12-, or 15-inch subwoofers, boosting the sound and the size of the unit. The 8-inch is overpowering indoors but perfect for a backyard barbeque-sized gathering.

Connecting with Bluetooth is extremely easy, and the connection remained strong when I wandered some distance away from the unit. The speaker is unidirectional, but the company recommends against placing the unit in a corner or directly against the wall due to increasing the low frequency outputs. The music got a bit cloudy when I tested this out. However, it wasn’t a terrible change.

There is a AUX jack if Bluetooth connections aren’t your thing or if you want to plug some other electronic musical device in. There is also a USB connection for wired music sources. There is also a built-in FM tuner in case you want to dial up the game on the local radio station. Throw another burger on the grill as you listen while enjoying friends and family in a more relaxing setting.

The tailgate speaker is also a voice projector with an included wired microphone that lets you amplify your voice or sing along with the music. Instant karaoke, but I hope you know the words to the songs.

There are independent volume controls for the music and the microphone, so you can mix your voice as little or as much with the tune as you want. Bass and treble controls allow for adjustment of the final sound, and an echo control can give your voice a little reverb for effect.

This unit isn’t all about the sound either. It also brings a light show to any musical event. Red, blue, and green flashing and rotating lights can be turned on inside the subwoofer for a highly visual display. They don’t move to the beat of the music, but are bright enough for any nighttime activity.

The BT tailgate speaker retails for $96.91 on Amazon and is a great addition to any gathering where music, fun, and lights would add to the atmosphere. And since it is so portable, you could be asked to bring your tunes to a lot of parties.In the season of football and tailgates, it makes a great addition to those sports gathering. Sometimes, the party is so good, it is hard to pack everything up and head in the stadium.